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Why Should You Ship with TSE Logistics, LLC

Have you ever had a crucial load that needed to get somewhere by a specific day and time? but then your chosen carrier bails on you because of a broken truck and to make things better, he has no replacement!

This was a common and frustrating problem for many of our clients. 

What's worse is that not delivering a shipping on time, not only affects the credibility of a shipper but it trickles down to your bottom line. 

The shortage of drivers continues to be a dilemma. Lack of supply of dry vans and the increase in cost, is another concern.  Carriers that either want to expand their business or start one are held back, ultimately this affects dedicated lanes, inbound lanes for companies with large distributing center and your loads.

So how can you efficiently get your shipment to the right place, at the right time? Our customers tell us that after working with a transportation specialist that understands their goals and their customers, saves them time and money.  

What We do

Brand new yellow 53ft van

Hands-on transportation specialists handling your load from start to finish.

Technology that allows transparency of where your load is at all times. 

Access to more then 100,000 affiliated reputable carriers nationwide with trucks that range from box trucks, 53ft Vans, Hot Shot, Dry Vans, Low Boy, Flat Bed, Auto Trailers and more.

Cost effective solutions allowing you to save on shipping while reducing expenses.

7 Reasons To Use A
Transportation Specialist 

1. A transportation specialist understands  the geographical logistics which allows time efficiency when selecting the right carrier.

2. Access to large network of affiliated carriers approved by our TSE qualification criteria which includes adequate equipment, cargo insurance of at least 100,000, positive ratings and customer service driven.

3. Available dispatcher to provide solutions during any type of transportation crisis.

4. Software in place that allows you to track your productivity monthly, quarterly or annually. 


5. A transportation specialist will understand what your goals are. How many or how frequent your routes are and negotiate on your behalf, thus saving you money. A freight specialist will also find dedicated drivers allowing you to have a better grasp of your time.

6. Cost reduction in staffing.

7. Peace of mind knowing that your shipment will be picked up and delivered, no matter whether a carrier cancels or doesn't show up.

Stay in touch and receive latest best practices, news and trends in the logistic industry.

No Matter The Size of Your Load, We Have Trucks

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