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Why We Exist

TSE Logistics is transportation logistic company established in Hollywood, Florida. We are a private and family owned business where every customer and carrier is treated like part of our family.  Our founder, Mr. Fitzgerald Bredy, who has been in the transportation industry for over two decades in both luxury vehicle accessorizing and transporting all types of vehicles enclosed and open, saw a need in the logistic sector, and that was, that hands-on customer customer service during the entire process of a transaction, was simply lacking.

TSE Logistics, LLC was created for the customer that is ready to outsource it's transportation needs from LTL to  Full Truck loads, so they can focus on taking their business to the next level. We do this by assessing of their overall transportation needs, understand their KPIs, then identifying ways how we can save them in the transportation logistic side while eliminating all liabilities. 

Our team is composed of transportation specialists which means that they are experts on moving LTL or Full Truck Loads with the right equipment, reputable carriers, and efficiency. We use innovative software, load boards and our proprietary system that allows us to negotiate the best rate. Transparency and accessibility throughout every shipment process is what we stand for. It is the commitment that we enforce in every shipment that sets us apart. 

About us
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