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Crane Truck

Heavy Equipment And Wide Loads

The Difference Between Full Truck Load and Heavy Equipment

Handling Heavy Equipment


Unlike LTL and FTL shipping , transporting heavy equipment requires special handling, and may require permits, and special freight carriers. Specialized trailers are crucial in order to safely haul heavy machinery. Most equipment are shipped on a flatbed or standard trailer, though in some cases it may be towed. For larger or non-moving equipment, you will a step deck or a double drop deck. 

Familiarizing with the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) guidelines for securing and transporting heavy equipment will be key to ensure safely. Remember that large equipment loaded on a trailer may be too tall to go under power lines and bridges, or travel certain roads. Make sure that your communicate with your transporter prior to the pickup date to secure any required permits, thus preventing delays or legal complications.


Flatbeds vary in sizes and capacities able to carry up to 48,000 pounds. Confirming with your carrier if such weight can be transferred on their equipment and having tools necessary to load and unload it, is very important.

Big tractor machine heavy tool on truck

Heavy Machinery

Mobile Diesel Generator on the Office Bu
CT Scan Machine


Learn more about the different types of generators that we can transport along with the right equipment


We have dedicated experts that can assist you in moving any size tractor nationwide. 

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CT Scan Machines

TSE Logistics partners with carriers who specialize in the transporting of medical equipment. Let us guide you in the process. Contact us.

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